Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun days of summer :)

Here are some random shots from our summer thus far!!!!

Home made cupcakes! :)

Sprinkler joy in the back yard. :)
More fairy houses at Leslie's house. :)
Kathrynn is trying on one of the aprons my mom used to wear when i was a kid. She thought it was super cool that she was wearing on of the aprons i'd occasionally wear when my mom wasn't. :)
Fun times at the park! :)

A series of pix of Kathrynn making on of her famous soups:

A ride to bryan park after dinner. :)

Our summer has really been full of Joy Joy Joy!!!! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Library Joy!

Love for our library strikes again! "Music Re-use It" was a huge hit with Kathrynn. The librarians brought in "trash" and the kids made musical instruments from it! She made a drum set, two tambourines, a rattle, and an oboe (the tube like picture is kathrynn working on the 'mouthpiece'). She's been playing her instruments all week. Yeah library programming! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Joyful visit from Grandma Carol :)

My mom came to visit for a few days!
We had lots of fun hanging out and doing fun stuff as is normal for our lives!

Kathrynn decided to add to her usual spiderman outfit w/ her spider man mask and swim paddles and flippers :)

A little karaoke fun. :)
Taking Grandma Carol to one of Kathrynn's favorite places- Delilah's pet store. :)

Grandma Carol loved watching Kathrynn at her gymnastics class. :)

An evening trip to the local ice cream place- Chocolate Moose!

Grandma Carol bought Kathrynn a new butterfly net as her old one had lots of holes in it. She captured a few fireflies, and then after making wishes let them go. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

skye joy!

Some pictures of our friend Skye, who we love sooooo much!! :)

Kathrynn and Skye getting ready to eat some dinner. This was the dinner where a cat jumped up and grabbed one of Kathrynn's deer sausages. lmao
Making a fabulous concoction! Clothes always optional when it comes to these two girls! :)

4th of July parade- we got great seats and the girls were uber excited!
Roller derby girls!!!
At one of our favorite places to be- the pool! The girls are playing w/ their friend Paolo here. :)

Yeah for our friend Skye! :) <3

Joy at Leslie's!

Kathrynn loves going to Leslie's house so much!!! The girls have such wonderful times. :)

On this particular day, they were making fairy houses in Leslie's back yard.