Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Word for 2009........
Christine Kane gave me the great idea last year to choose a word and focus on it for the year....
The word I choose was Joy- I wanted to be able to make choices in my life with Joy in mind. I wanted Joy to be a key motivator for my choices.

That word made my relationship with my husband stronger, my connection and partnership with my daughter even stronger, and made me feel like a *better* person on a variety of levels....
And yet........ I think that this year's word will unleash a Joy that i've yet to experience..... :P


This year my word - the word that I want to hold in my mind throughout each moment- the word I want to guide each action- is Trust.

I will trust that each moment is as it should be. This will take some "work"- i'm thinking the Byron Katie variety. :) (

I will stay in *my* business. (

I will let go of my need to control. I will release worry....fear....judgment.... all those things that can get in the way of Joy.

I will *Trust*.

So, begone pesky records playing in my head.... telling me to worry about this, to try to control that..... BYE BYE!!!!!

Hello Authentic Joy!

Hello Trust!

Monday, December 29, 2008

More Florida Fun :)

Lots of yummy outside time continues.....

Playing in the pool a bit....

Being fascinated with how it feels to walk around in her boots filled up with water. :)

eating three kinds of ice cream!!!

making shell magnets with Grandma Jane :P

Then onto some fabulous Hopscotch!!!!!

Grandma Jane has some beautiful flowers in her yard!!!

A sad moment - Wes and Kathrynn all set to watch the Bears, but Kathrynn's ear was bothering her :(

Nothing like ending the day by eating some frozen fruit with our Indiana gloves on! :P

Tomorrow's plan: More Florida Fun!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Worry Less, Love More

I thought this was timely, as I said the other day that one of the things I am working most on is *not* worrying- not putting my energies in "what-ifs" , what "could" happen......
This includes not putting my energy/worry into things that *Seem* out of balance or is uncomfortable for me in our day to day life..... behaviors, physical manifestations, food (oh, the good old food issue!), ect.....
Setting that worry aside frees me up for so much LIVING AND JOY!!!!!

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Worry Less, Love More ::

Perhaps you've been led to believe that worrying
about children goes hand in hand with loving them.
But in truth, parental love is far more powerful
*without* worry than with it.

Worries focus all your attention on what you *don't*
want and put you in a state of *fear*. This sends a
message to your child that you *expect* bad things
to happen. And since children naturally tend to meet
their parents' unspoken expectations, worries are
self-fulfilling prophesies.

Today, if you catch yourself worrying, don't worry
about it. :-)

Instead, use your awareness of worry to shift your
focus in the direction of what you *do* want, and
reach for thoughts that soothe your worries:

"It's not the end of the world."
"It won't last forever."
"I've successfully handled worse situations."
"We always find our way."

Before long you'll start feeling hopeful, and you'll
feel your heart opening, too. An open heart is all
you need for love to flow unconditionally...
unhindered by worries.

Finding Joy Movie

Saw this posted on one of my wonderful yahoo groups and wanted to share it!
Have a joyful day! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

ocean joy galore!!!!!
First stop, oceanographic center!!!! Kathrynn has been coming here since she was 3- she LOVES visiting, and we com a couple times each visit at least.

The first thing we did was feed the stingrays. Its a great exhibit they have- check it out on the web site!

She was so excited, the stingrays took food from her three times!!!!

They have salt water shallow tubs where they have all sorts of aquatic life living. The great thing is that it is all hands on!

Wes took this photo of me knitting...... what i always seem to be doing in my "spare" time these dsays. :)

If there is coloring or crafts involved, Kathrynn is there!

Next it was onto Jensen beach, right across the road. It was a bit cold at first, but i couldn't refuse taking K for a dip in the ocean. ;)

After showering at Aunt Kristy's House we went to a great little neighborhood Greek restuarant.

Kathrynn absolutely LOVES her cousin Garrett.... She's always ready to entertain him when he starts to fuss or needs some extra cousin Kathrynn attention!

Kathrynn found a moth while playing outside and took some great pictures!

Nothing to end the night like three kinds of sorbet! lol

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Birthday Joy!

Despite Kathrynn not feeling so well last night or this morning, she had a GREAT day!!!!!

The morning started QUITE early. Everyone was still asleep, so we watched some "Peep" in bed for a bit...... :P

Nothing like some yummy cookies to get Wes moving!

We had a fun morning opening up stockings from Santa- who gave her the Bears jersey she's been asking for!!! Yeah!!!

We moved on to fun, fun, and more fun! Lots of playing and crafting, a fantabulous hour bath with Grandma Jane, and then in the afternoon some great fun outside with a new pool Grandma Jane had bought!

After some serious pool fun she had cake and cupcakes (she requested both :D ) and opened presents. More playing ensued, followed by some yummy carry-out Chinese that she had requested for dinner. :)

Exhausted, and perhaps spent from a very long day, she fell into bed, leaving her mother as happy and joyful as can be. Absolutely wonderful!!!! :)