Thursday, December 18, 2008

Full of air, and other joys :)

Kathrynn, who LOVES LOVES LOVES balloons, is able to blow up balloons now! WOOT! how wonderful, on many levels. ;)
We recorded this display this morning- the letting go part is fun too!
For those that know us, it is never too long that we don't have balloons in our house.... So now our house is filled with them. :)

She also used that forceful blowing ability to empty out an egg, at our friends earlier this week. It was so fun to watch her blow out the egg, and then paint it later.

Here are some pix of the kids having fun. They all had such a great afternoon!
Thanks to Stacy, Cora and Keegan for having us over. :)

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  1. Wow! She's braver than I am. I hate to blow up balloons...dreadful fear that they'll pop in my face. I don't think my boys have ever attempted to blow a balloon either.

    Wait, is it Easter already? Did I miss Christmas? LOL! Cute painted egg.