Friday, December 12, 2008

Infinite Possiblities!

This is a quote from a list I am on called Shine with Unschooling. Anne Ohman, the list owner, wrote the quote that follows..... The context was media, but then became food.... and so you can see that it applies to everything and anything.
It was wonderful for me to read, as I am always working to peel away the layers of what *I* judge as important, or valuable, or interesting, ect. and so on...

Closing the door to ANYthing your child is drawn to, based on *your*
definitions and judgments about it, is closing off the infinite possibilities that
are based within your child's heart and that are stemmed from Who He Is.

See EVERYTHING your child is drawn to as an opportunity to re-examine
your *own* feelings about it. Seeing it through your child's eyes and heart
allows *your* own world to be greatly expanded, as well...and makes sure you're not
getting too *comfortable* in a place where things are all defined and you're
not willing to see the world from a new perspective.

THIS is the GLORY of unschooling ~ the gift of New Wonder and seeing
with New Eyes ~ this gift that our children give to us of honoring *them* right
where they are *In This Moment*...and trusting that our lives will be deeply
blessed by it as well, if we *allow* it and don't close the doors to infinite

Anne Ohman

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