Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Holiday Joys!

Preparing for the holidays seemed to start early this year.... WAY back in early December. :)

One of the first reminders that the holiday season was upon us was the local library's Story Hour Extravaganza, which occurs every month. This month Santa came to visit, and boy was Kathrynn excited!!!!!!

During one of my shopping trips I found one of those holiday craft sets that includes pre-cut letters and snowperson parts, ect. That was a great find, as it provided days and days of entertainment, and wonderful decorations for our house! Here are just two of the MANY different pictures Kathrynn and various people put together. :)

Shortly after that it was time to go into the basement and bring up the holiday decorations!!! The solstice tree went up, then eventually the ornaments.... until, TA DA!!!! Our tree is a humble little thing.... not large enough for all the many ornaments I've collected over the years. But its a sweet, simple tree, and until we buy another one, she'll do just fine, thank you! :P

Then we moved on to her little tree in her room......

We went to Fountain Square Mall to see the decorations and see if anyone special was there that Kathrynn would like to talk to. She wanted me to take her picture of all the neat winter scenes. :)
When she saw Santa, she told him that she'd like to get a Bears football jersey from him, and whatever else he wanted to give her. :P

Pictures of Solstice are soon to come...... :)

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  1. They do a good job decorating at Fountain Square Mall...we saw the displays, would you believe, before Halloween??

    K must love that candy cane to clutch it so tightly. LOL!