Monday, December 8, 2008

Creative Fun!

Kathrynn continues to love drawing, and has started to narrate and tell stories to go along w/ her drawings, as well just doing some straight out story telling as well. It's wonderful to hear how creative and magical her stories are! :)
I wanted to post two videos of her telling the story that goes along w/ the drawing she had just finished, but the first video is over a minute long and for some reason i can't upload videos that are that long onto blogger. :X So i'm posting part two, for shits and giggles. :D

We decided to draw some animals to decorate our nature table area, so we went to work doing that.

Then it was time to bake some cookies!!!

Here she is w/ her friend Paolo, at our Tuesday play group. They are decorating a canoe, that will be part of a play they are putting on. They are acting out "One Dog Canoe."

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