Friday, December 26, 2008

ocean joy galore!!!!!
First stop, oceanographic center!!!! Kathrynn has been coming here since she was 3- she LOVES visiting, and we com a couple times each visit at least.

The first thing we did was feed the stingrays. Its a great exhibit they have- check it out on the web site!

She was so excited, the stingrays took food from her three times!!!!

They have salt water shallow tubs where they have all sorts of aquatic life living. The great thing is that it is all hands on!

Wes took this photo of me knitting...... what i always seem to be doing in my "spare" time these dsays. :)

If there is coloring or crafts involved, Kathrynn is there!

Next it was onto Jensen beach, right across the road. It was a bit cold at first, but i couldn't refuse taking K for a dip in the ocean. ;)

After showering at Aunt Kristy's House we went to a great little neighborhood Greek restuarant.

Kathrynn absolutely LOVES her cousin Garrett.... She's always ready to entertain him when he starts to fuss or needs some extra cousin Kathrynn attention!

Kathrynn found a moth while playing outside and took some great pictures!

Nothing to end the night like three kinds of sorbet! lol


  1. I was never a big FL fan (well, except for Sanibel), but you actually make me want to go there!

  2. funny thing is that i'm not a florida fan either, but i'll tell you what- i can't get enough of this marvelous sun!!!!!!

  3. I'm a FL transplant from NY, 15years ago, and I love it! You are right in my neighborhood (Stuart)! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here. :)

  4. Deanne-
    I think we were in Stuart yesterday at a ceramics place.....
    I'll be posting pix tomorrow, i'm a couple days behind ;)

    Kathrynn was sad to come home today, and I will miss the sun, but i would really hate to leave our wonderful bloomington community. you never know though! :)