Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mother Love

Three generations of moms.... Mimi, Me, (Papa Baby doll and Kathrynn) and my Mom

My mom is going on a retreat this weekend, and my dad asked me to write her a note for some bonus support. Here is what I wrote. I love you mom!

Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind
Kahlil Gibran

A friend, who had had a very difficult childhood after loosing his mother at an early age, reminded me just yesterday how lucky my own child is, in that she is “receiving” a beautiful childhood from me.

I had to stop and give Gratitude for my own childhood, and for the role you took in my childhood. My mind was filled with lots of great memories from those days. As I pondered those moments and my gratitude, that gratitude for your Presence in my life during those childhood years kept extending….. into my teen age years, my young adult years, my college years….. post college years…. Into the present day…..

Your Presence was taken for granted back then, as I didn’t understand the Magnitude of having a mother be there when I got home from school. Or a mother who delivered me to swim practice at 5am, and then brought a hot home made breakfast to me before school started. A mother who attended sport events, took me to social events, and hosted sleep overs. A mother who always made sure I had clean clothes to wear, and a balanced meal to eat. Who packed my lunch until I was 18 years old, and would have done it longer. ☺

Your Presence didn’t stop when I moved out- you continued to support me and nourish me while in college. Surprise care packages, weekend visits and phone calls to see what I was up to. Reading my project papers. Doing my laundry. ☺

When I moved to Greece for a year, you visited me two times, temporarily filling a loneliness that ran deep and wide, and that only a Mother’s Love could fill. We explored the land, took part in wonderful foods and wine, and enjoyed the company of each other.

Years later, as I now have my own daughter, your Presence continues to stand with me at all times. Your Love and Connection to me can be felt Always- no matter where I am, no matter where you are. Your Being is always Connected to my Being. This Presence, *Your* Presence, has resulted in a beautiful Connection that been the most beautiful gift. Thank you, Mom. ☺

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy Wonderland!

There were lots of complaints this winter that while we did have some winter temperatures, we didn't have the winter white to match! Well, we got our fill this week. We had two great days of sledding and outdoor fun, and we still have more snow on the way!

Both days were spent at Bryan park, just a few minutes from our house on foot. We had so much fun with Diego, Paolo and Skye on Day #1!

Enter Day #2! Which started with some ice, and then was covered by more snow. :)

The afternoon was so much fun. Our friend Maya came over, as did my brother ("Uncle"). We walked to Byran park again and had some more sledding and park fun. :)

Uncle on his snow shoes.
Here we are getting ready for our trip- I was doing my best to propel us forward....

Kathrynn and Maya tried skiing, very briefly.... This was not the snow for skiing. ;)

I loved being snowed in for a few days. Yeah Snow!!!! :P

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

kathrynn's photos

Hopes and Dreams for America.... exhibit

There was an exhibit at our public library, asking people to write or draw what their "hopes and dreams for American democracy" were.....

Kathrynn doesn't exactly understand democracy, so I asked her what was important for her world, and this is what she came up with.....

One was not enough, so she went to work on her next project... :)

We returned the following week, and it was the last day of the exhibit. She found this space and went to work, using the same guidelines as the week before.

She really enjoyed being able to take part in this! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

skating party extravaganza!!!!!!

We had a major birthday celebration at the skating rink! This was the long awaited "friend" party, and it was extra fun as we decided to make it a three-way party since two of her good friends have birthdays around the same time. Kathrynn was SOOO excited...... we made the cake a day early...... and it was so much fun and wonderful to see how she decorated it.

Kathrynn requested a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and then colored icing for whatever she decided to do! Here is the set up......

At her request, I helped with the rainbow.

She did the rest!!!!!

Including picking out candles and placing them on the cake. Look closely and notice the little flipflop candles.... so cute!!! :)
Here she is right before leaving for the party....... just eating some last second food for some skating energy!!!!!

Skating Joy!
Kathrynn was most comfortable skating with Wes or myself, but she did do some solo venturing!!!

Kathrynn and Cora started a trend of pulling the adults in their stocking feet.... by the end of the party there were loads of kids pulling their folks around on their skates. So fun!!!!

Oh the limbo, the limbo!!!!
Here is both of us going under the limbo stick, but by the end of it, she was going under solo ;)

Three birthday girls=three birthday cakes!!! WOOT!!! :P

Kathrynn must be trying to get the whole piece in her mouth.......

And she succeeded!!!!!! JUST KIDDING, but looks like it by the size of that cheek!
Wes and I love giving crazy poses for the camera. Here is mine for the day!!!! :D

PHEW! Her party was 100% success. She was SOOO happy about every moment, which meant I was happy about every moment. ;) :) :) :)
Happy 6th birthday, Kathrynn!!!!