Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life on the farm, amidst some lovely snowy weather :P

Kathrynn did not want to play outside on that snowy day, but when Rhonda asked who was in for taking a ride in Candy (their truck) to go feed the sheep and llamas, well.... who can resist that!!!!

Kathrynn and Virginia all set in the back of Candy for their ride out to the barn!

A brief stop to say howdy to the chickens!

The llamas and sheep (ok Rhonda, Ewe) were so happy to see us!

Kathrynn had great fun feeding the sheep.

I was assigned to this very pregnant Ewe..... some of those piggy sheep are really food hogs! :P

Kathrynn was right at home on the farm, helping fill the water tub.

Here is the "baby" llama, who is still nursing. So sweet!!!!
She stopped nursing to see what the heck i was up to! I love this shot of peek-a-boo!
Loaded back in the truck and ready to go into the warm house!!!!

I couldn't resist getting a shot of their Trampoline in the pond. A wind storm blew it in there one night. So sad.... farewell trampoline.... you served us well..... RIP

We'll be in that pond, and on that slide as soon as the first warm day hits!!!! 5 months and counting.......


  1. Oh wow!! I love those photos (snow makes everything so pretty...but I still don't like to go out in it). I so want to have sheep and llamas one day. Do the llamas guard their sheep? Do they have any other protection for the sheep? I'm curious because a friend told me one time she gave up on sheep because so many things killed them, and my friend got tired of getting up every morning to find another dead sheep.

  2. The llamas do guard the sheep. They are also planning on getting a pernese dog, perhaps to double up on protection? not sure!

  3. Yes, I've heard that great pyrenese dogs are wonderful, but you do have to bond them to their charges and they tend to not be as close to people because they're not bonded to them.

  4. Hi Lisa!
    I'm enjoying your blog. I love the pics of Rhonda's farm! We used to have a Great Pyrenees. We got him as a rescue and he was a great dog! Very good with all other animals and very protective of the family. They're great working dogs.