Thursday, January 15, 2009

Celebrating Me!

I had a great birthday!!! I spent the morning w/ my wonderful, beautiful friend KT, and then spent the rest of the day with my sweet family. :)

Kathrynn was just SOOO excited to celebrate this day! She couldn't wait for me to open my presents. :)

Kathrynn was so cute... she wrapped up various special stones and candles from her nature table and gave them to me. She was so sweet and innocent in giving. :)

These beautiful moon earrings were from Wes. Perfect!!!

Kathrynn took these pictures. She did a great job capturing us in our Joy! :P

Wes made me huevos rancheros for my birthday dinner, from scratch... every ounce of it!!!
It was SOOOOOOOOO good. Spanish rice, green chile sauce, yummy beans..... OMG!!!
OMG its a fire!!!!! no, kathrynn just put a lot of candles on the cake. :)
Uncle enjoyed his cake, a little. :P

A few days later I had a birthday brunch with my women friends! :P

Yeah Birthdays!!!!! :)


  1. I enjoyed the lunch very much through your photos rather than being there in person...heh heh... The bloody Mary looks awesome though; I do wish I were there for that. ;)

    Have a happy, happy year!!

  2. Why are these pictures NOT on facebook, tragedy I say...

  3. what a beautiful job of celebrating wonderful YOU!!!