Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years eve joy!

We had a fun new years eve playing with some new holiday gifts, and then going out for our traditional new years sushi! :)

Kathrynn thought it was cool that we both had black boots on. :P
Skye and Kathrynn had SO much fun together!! It was awesome!
Kt kisses!!! :)
omg YUM!

After eating WAY too much yummy sushi, Kathrynn feel asleep, and Wes and I watched our traditional new years eve funny movie! This year we were not disappointed with our selection- "Step Brothers." Funny stuff indeed!!!!!


  1. You're making me ravenous with the sushi photos! Where did you guys go?

    And I love your outfit, BTW!

  2. Japanee is the place.... on walnut, and 8th maybe?