Thursday, January 1, 2009

the last days of florida!

The last couple days in Florida were filled with so much fun!!!!!!

I had to get another shot of the ceremonial three kinds of ice cream in three different bowls. :P

It was so beautiful on that last day that we put the top down on Grandma Jane's PT Cruiser!!!

This was Kathrynn's second trip to the ceramic center. She choose a heart container to paint, "to put cookies into." We are waiting for the final product to be sent to us.

We had to make another trip to the Oceanographic Center, one of her fav places in the world! :P

She fed three more sting rays- she was better at it this trip then ever!!!!!
One ray in particular kept waving its fin at her. :D

A clip of Kathrynn in one of the small hands on salt water tubs....

Back at the Ocean!!!!! She was more adventurous this trip then ever, even trying to do some swimming in there! The salt water in her nose and mouth is still a bit too much, but i'm thinking it won't be long!!!!!

She had a very elaborate story line going on, involving shovel trees, shoe trees, ect.
I tried to get some of it on video, but oh my is that ocean loud!!! :D

Kathrynn took her cousin Garrett down his very first slide!!!

Kathrynn and Grandma Jane planted a Palm tree from Uncle Gregg in Grandma Jane's front yard! Thanks Uncle Gregg!

Kathrynn and Cousin Garrett in their space suits! :P

Dinner at Aunt Kristy and Uncle Greggs!

At the Orlando airport......time to go home.....But not before eating a yummy donut! Ok, half. The second have survived unsquished until we were on our drive home. lol

The tree at the Orlando airport......

The snow covered tree at the Indy airport. lol

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  1. You must be sad to leave the sun and warmth...glad to have you back home though! :)

    The brittle star is totally fascinating!