Monday, January 19, 2009

Trust, and freedom :)

Pam L says "Trust on your part that their knowledge and
understanding of themselves is greater than your understanding of
them, that *even if* you don't understand why it is so important to
them, you will unconditionally accept that it just *is* and you are
willing to act accordingly. And when they trust that you will be
behind them *even if* in the end (i.e. after the conversation) you
don't understand their motivation, there seems to be a new level of
freedom in the relationship, a new level of give and take and trust
and patience that things will work out."

This was taken from one of the wonderful unschooling groups i subscribe to, shinewithunschooling, run by Anne O. :P
Here is Pam's web site, a wonderful and amazing site.

I love Pam's quote so much, as i have seen how my trust in Kathrynn has brought about an amazing transformation in our relationship, in her relationship to her-Self, and in my relationship to my-Self. It truly is freeing!

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  1. That's my problem...I lack trust. I can't just trust that things will turn out all right (unless I'm too lazy to do something about it, of course). ;}