Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video's galore!

Get a cup of tea and find a comfy position for your rump. Here are some impromptu and unrehearsed performances by the sunshine of my life. :)
Some of the videos got cut off, due to time (Blogger seems to dislike videos over a minute :X), and then for the last video, which was SO FUN to see in person, my camera ran out of space!!!!!
Anyway, here is a snipet of life in the Meuser/Lasher household! Enjoy!

We decided it was time to take down the Solstice tree. Kathrynn had been on a singing spree, creating the songs as she went.... so i decided to try to get a snippet of one of her original creations. :P


This video is a practice session of her doing the hula dance. yes, i'm a bit biased, but i thought it was too cute to pass up, and had to include it here. She doesn't know much about the "hula dance", so this dance is a bit robotic, which just adds to the cute factor. :P

Kathrynn was on a performing roll one night! She decided that she was going to be "television channels"..... she'd have wes push on the remote and then she'd jump up from behind the LARGE pile of blankets on the floor and start her "show"! Most of these got cut off, but you get the idea of the "shows". :)

Here she is "on the news channel" :)

Her next show was the "joke channel", where she performed some jokes i'd never heard before!!!

Here is the "poem channel"...... :)

Here is the final video, of kathrynn doing a song/dance performance! :) I was a bit bummed our camera ran out of memory during this one.... It was so fun to watch!!! :D

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  1. K has the most amazing exuberance! I don't think my kids ever had that kind of joie de vivre or inhibition when they were that age and younger. Bryce, esp, is really serious. Odd child. ;D She's so creative too!