Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snowy Wonderland!

There were lots of complaints this winter that while we did have some winter temperatures, we didn't have the winter white to match! Well, we got our fill this week. We had two great days of sledding and outdoor fun, and we still have more snow on the way!

Both days were spent at Bryan park, just a few minutes from our house on foot. We had so much fun with Diego, Paolo and Skye on Day #1!

Enter Day #2! Which started with some ice, and then was covered by more snow. :)

The afternoon was so much fun. Our friend Maya came over, as did my brother ("Uncle"). We walked to Byran park again and had some more sledding and park fun. :)

Uncle on his snow shoes.
Here we are getting ready for our trip- I was doing my best to propel us forward....

Kathrynn and Maya tried skiing, very briefly.... This was not the snow for skiing. ;)

I loved being snowed in for a few days. Yeah Snow!!!! :P

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  1. Isn't fabulous to live within walking distance to Bryan Park?! Fun snow day for you guys!