Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friend Joy :)

Oh life is busy around here lately!!!! We truly are Life Learnings- because we are out in the world having all sorts of fun these days. :)
Here are some fun shots of friends over, and some shots of our play group (that meets at a city gym) that brings us so many wonderful connections! :)

Kathrynn decided to do some magic tricks one day, and then started practicing for when her friend Zoe came over, so she could do a show for her!

Here is the magic show in progress!
I was hoping to insert a video here, but am having a hard time uploading anything over a minute, and i forgot to look at the time while recording. BAH!

Zoe was a good sport, watching the show, but here is where the real fun was. :) They played for hours in Kathrynns room. I couldn't resist sneaking in for pix every once and awhile. :D

At Banneker with our play group. :)
I SO wanted to get a shot of Kathrynn walking around in those high heeled shoes, but the timing never worked out. It was so cute. :P
I love this live action shot of duck duck goose. :)

A TON of grackles landed in our yard one day, and then quickly moved to the tree.

Jumping on a trampoline is fun, until your toes get too cold. :P
Friends over for playing!
Dressing up to put on a performance!
Skye and Paulo put on a performance while everyone else watched. Paulo was Skye's pet tiger. :P

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