Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new year of my Truth

I went to a workshop last night, offered by Women Writing for (a) Change

So wonderful!!!!!!!

Beth had us do a "fast write" (your hand does not leave the page for 10 minutes), offering us a poem to use as a prop/starting point....
Then she had us cut it down to 30 WORDS!!!!! wow. the result is below:

"A new year of my Truth"

A new year of my Truth

Those illusions of being, which separate me from my Business of Being, peeled back.....

I am in my Moment..... of Being..... in this Second

My Being will Expand

Here is the original "fast write":
letting go of old messages i have told myself; who i am, who i am supposed to be, what i am supposed to be doing- what it all means..
Running into a new year of my Truth and peeling back the layers that were grown "around" me throughout the years, to get deeper, in touch with that Truth. The layers have made me who I am and yet perhaps creating some illusions about who I am. Who I am is wonderful and beautiful and amazing. And there will be no diminishing of those things... And yet, my beauty will expand and BECOME more, by peeling back the layers of illusion. To reveal my lack of control and my lack of expertise in relation to my child... my husband....OTHER. I am in my moment.... of Being... in this second. I am in my business of being OPEN to what lies before me. I am releasing my involvement in "God's" business and in "Other's" business. And, I am even releasing myself from what I "think" is a party of "My" business. I don't want to always be thinking, worrying, figuring out- that illusion of BEING seperates me from my Business of Being.
Focusing on Trust, Joy, Being in tehmoemnt, in each moment.....

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  1. Oh, I met Beth once (small world) - we were throwing a farewell party for one of dh's colleagues, and Beth and her family were either this person and his family's friends or neighbors...I forget which. She is really nice and easy to talk to. If writing weren't such a private, private thing for me, I'd take her workshops.