Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time and Space- Kathrynn's Imagination Joy :)

It is amazing for me to watch all of Kathrynn's creative endeavors. Pictures and videos never due them justice- for how Shinny they truly are.
I am so grateful that she has the Time and Space to Create and Imagine and Be *so* Shinny in Her life. Phew!!!!!! I think i'm choking myself up. :P

Kathrynn is describing the rules of the game she created. She admitted that it was pretty complicated. :)

She decided the other day that we (wes, kathrynn and i) should put on a musical performance!!!! We decided that the perfect audience would be my parents, who are visiting this weekend. She went to work on some posters for the performance!

One of Kathrynn's newest sources of excitement is Star Wars!!! Wes is very excited, as he is a huge Star Wars buff, and i've always loved Star Wars myself.
She likes joining all her elves and magical beings in creating new stories. :P

Her new fascination in Star Wars involves endless discussions of the various characters and story lines.... Pretty complicated stuff, and Wes and i are constantly feeling out where she is ready to travel in exploring this new reality, and how it relates to our reality. :) I love that we are open to talking about everything in our house, and that she is free to question and process as she is ready. :)
After some yoga, Kathrynn was ready for Savasana or "corpse pose".....

My clothes rack (one of my prized possessions- Thanks Wes!!! :P ) is often a store. :)

I just had to post a pix of this.... Kathrynn decided that our toilet was dirty, and so went to cleaning it. Yes Please! :P

One evening i was particularly tired and wanted to hang out in her bed as she played. So she moved all her doll house furntiture onto a silk, and played on the floor next to me. So Sweet!!!

Somehow she got hooked on this song , and we spent about 15 minutes singing it. There was so much laughter and goofiness. Pure Bliss!!!

I love that in our family there is so much Joy and Trust among each other.
After not having had ice cream in the house for awhile, kathrynn woke up one morning wanting ice cream! She LOVES ice cream! But, we'd taken a consensual break while her body worked through some imbalances. I thought about it and decided, why not?!?!?! We got in the car and got her favorite ice creams- raspberry, mango, and lemon, and made a sundae.
I feel so comfortable in our level of communication, and trust that we have with our bodies, that something like an ice cream sundae is perfect, even for breakfast!!!!
I've come a long way, baby. Joy, and Trust..... Absolutely Shinningly Perfect!


  1. When K is done cleaning your toilet, send her to my house, OK? ;D

    I loooove your clothes rack! Where did Wes get it?

  2. LMAO Teresa, i thought of you when i posted the toilet shot. I SERIOUSLY DID. lol

    Wes ordered the clothes hanger thingee on line, off amazon i think. i'll get the info for you.