Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Lots of happenings around here..... A few shots from our life.....

Kathrynn LOVES Nina, our cranial-sacral practitioner's dog. She is such a sweet dog and loves Kathrynn too. :)

A little girls night out back at The Farm!

Deb and Dani chatting it up. :)

Kt, working on my Solstice scarf :P

Dani was showing me the wonderful glove she had just knitted for one of her sons!

Back at Wonderlab or some Owl Fun!!!!

Kathrynn checking out owl feet and wings....
Such a beautiful Barn Owl!

The Howler Owl was very shy and nervous, so i couldn't get a close up. Such a cute little owl!

The Barred Owl was SOOO beautiful!!!!

One day, hopefully soon!, I'll remember that my camera does not take video from this angle. In the mean time, tilt your head and enjoy. :D

Kathrynn with her old friend. :) She loves it when the snakes are out!

We went to Skye and KTs house for some crazy fun!

Ice cubes in a warm bath...... SPECTACULAR!!!!!!
Having Great Fun in a fort!!!!!! :)

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  1. Birds and snakes are some of our favorite critters! LOL @ your tilted video. You guys do have such fun; no wonder you're joyous!