Monday, August 31, 2009


Oh how we've waited for her new gymnastics class to begin!
She started fireflies last week and loves it!
The best part about the time of her class is that there is open gym beforehand, where she can run around and do her own thing. :)

The following pictures are of open gym joy!
She loves the trampoline, and practicing her "moves" on it.

Kathrynn setting up her obstacle course.....

Here is a little video of her showing me how we're going to do the obstacle course......
We took turns setting them up and then showing each other the various steps and moves....
and practiced sharing this space w/ all the kids that come to have fun as well. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Some more summer Joy :)

Our summer fun continues!!!!

Lots of time at the pool this summer.... we love how close we are to the pool- just a 5 minute walk!

Wes' bday was August 13th. We had a lovely family party and Wes had a great adult party at his favorite restaurant Farm. :)

Kathrynn has been really enjoying our membership to the History Center that my Mom bought for us.

Kathrynn is being the teacher in this pix, and we are counting to 100 together. lol
Kathrynn as the student.....
We love playing checkers while here!

This is Kathrynn's time machine/clock- she drew pictures of different things we do during the day, from taking care of our guinea pigs, to watching tv, to reading...... :)

Roller derby is so much fun for many of our kids. Sometimes they watch the bouts, other times they run around willy nilly the whole time! This bout had an intermission of a band which caused lots of dancing!

Kathrynn loves performing in the UU choir. Wes took videos of the songs on his iphone, they are posted here:

Our fun continues!!!!! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zoo Joy!

First stop was watching Tomby get washed. We've been visiting the zoo for many years, and know Tomby quite well. :)

After seeing Tomby, we headed over to the rides- First stop was the roller coaster!

This was taken while on pass #2 (the roller goes 3 passes) of the roller coaster ride. We sat in the very back, which was what the ticket person recommended for a very fast ride! Turns out, it was a bit too fast for Kathrynn, but she liked it anyway. :) She said that next time we'll not go in the back. :P

Some shots I took while we were on our ride! I lucked out w/ the aim. :P

The first shot was kinda heart breaking to see.... my sweet girl was a bit wigged out by the roller coaster ast times!!!

But then i saw this picture and I remembered how much fun she had with it. :)

Onto the train!!!!!!

You can see how beautiful the sky was that day- it was in the low 80s or hight 70s, big fluffy clouds moving w/ a nice breeze... perfect zoo weather for us! :)
Oh Carousel, how we love you!!!

Feeding the giraffe is also something we do every time we come to the zoo. :)

((haha! for the record I have to say that all the "good jobs!!!!" that you hear in the video were not from my mouth, as anyone who knows me understands that I do not appreciate the constant offering of "good job," especially for tasks that are quite manageable by the child. After all, I am raising a child, not a puppy. <>))

The meerkats.

Pony ride is always fun for Kathrynn.....

Bear cub....

Another favorite of Kathrynn........Dolphin show!

This is actually a room underneath the tank where you can see up to all the dolphins swimming around. Its very cool!

The aquarium and sea life exhibit......

Cute little sea horse :)

This is not an actual walrus, but Kathrynn really wanted me to take her picture with this "walrus."
The papa was sunning himself, and the mama and baby were swimming around, sometimes bothering him enough so that he'd have to reposition himself. lol

This is a fairly new exhibit- where you can touch this small variety of sharks. Kathrynn was able to actually touch one this time- it came right up to the top of the water right in front of her. :)

We always have fun at the penguin exhibit. You can see from the video that the exhibit has 2 sections that are connected underneath the floor, so the penguin's will swim back and forth, going underneath you. I tried to capture them playing chase with each other but was not so successful with that. :)

Our last stop was at the Butterfly House. Kathrynn took a very long video of the butterfly house, so long that I can't actually post it to this blog. But come take a peek here:
Life of a Butterfly:

This was one of our favorite days at the zoo- it was such a great day! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing/crafting class!
We went to a great homeschool group quilting class, although i'd call it a sewing/craft class. :P

First they did a cool kind of tie dye craft, using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol, on treated fabric. They all turned out so cool!

Tie dye!

Next the kids choose fabric to make pillow cases!
It was fun for Kathrynn to use a sewing machine for the first time, and how cool that our family friend Annie was there as one of the teachers!

Kathrynn can't wait for the next class! :)