Monday, August 24, 2009

Some more summer Joy :)

Our summer fun continues!!!!

Lots of time at the pool this summer.... we love how close we are to the pool- just a 5 minute walk!

Wes' bday was August 13th. We had a lovely family party and Wes had a great adult party at his favorite restaurant Farm. :)

Kathrynn has been really enjoying our membership to the History Center that my Mom bought for us.

Kathrynn is being the teacher in this pix, and we are counting to 100 together. lol
Kathrynn as the student.....
We love playing checkers while here!

This is Kathrynn's time machine/clock- she drew pictures of different things we do during the day, from taking care of our guinea pigs, to watching tv, to reading...... :)

Roller derby is so much fun for many of our kids. Sometimes they watch the bouts, other times they run around willy nilly the whole time! This bout had an intermission of a band which caused lots of dancing!

Kathrynn loves performing in the UU choir. Wes took videos of the songs on his iphone, they are posted here:

Our fun continues!!!!! :)

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