Saturday, August 15, 2009

New water display at wonderlab :)

Oh how we love Wonderlab!!! We hadn't been there in awhile, so what a great discovery for us to find! Kathrynn spent a long time at this exhibit, making her way through all the different components. It was great fun to watch. :)

This part was super cool to watch. This boy had been there for a long time and was so excited about how it worked. Kathrynn liked to try to obtain as many balls as possible and then quickly put them into the cylinder.

This was also fascinating for me to watch. Even though she is 6 and a half, she still has this base level of curiosity, innocence, creativity, and playfulness- she spend quite a long time filling up the beakers with water from the one section and dumping the water out in the other section....
She started w/ one beaker and then by the end of it she was doing 2 or 3 at a time to be more efficient. :P

My artsty attempt of a photo. :)


  1. Our boys have pretty much out-grown Wonderlab...I'm so sad. We've not been in close to a year. It's nice to see K enjoy it so much!