Wednesday, August 5, 2009

llama joy and life at rhondas :)

Going to Rhonda, Scott, Virginia and Liam's house is always a blast for us! The girls play for hours, and if we're lucky the adults do too! :)

Swimming in the pond and dress up are often two important components- on this particular day the two were combined! Kathrynn wore an old dance recital outfit of Virginias and it was such a funny site to see kathrynn in the pond wearing it!
On that particular day they were playing "rescue Liam" lol

On this particular visit (Full moon) it was a cool evening and Kathrynn was not keen on getting into the pond!
After some good times, which included champagne and what not......

Rhonda and I decided to pay homage to the full moon and go for a dip in the pond! :)
We were SO cold upon exiting that a bubble bath was the perfect remedy! :)
Thanks to Wes for being on standby to capture the giggles. :)

Fast forward a month, and the weather was warm and the sun was bright!
Rose had her little baby llama Velvet, who was so tame right from the get go. :)

lol, Kathrynn standing on the cement deer. :)

Little Storm is also so lovely and tame. :)

Fun swimming times!

We always love our times at Rhonda's farm! :) xoxoxoxo

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