Thursday, January 8, 2009

play time joy :)

We've been SOOOO busy.... having FUN!!!! :)
I continue to feel so immensely blessed that I am able to be a stay at home mom with my amazing child. We have so much fun exploring life together. :D
Our play dates don't always go 100% smoothly, but they are always full of shiny moments of Joy and Wonderment and Being. :)

Kathrynn is always filled with imagination Joy! Lately she's been putting on creative plays, using this set up. :P

Wes brought back some monkeys from his NYC trip, which provided loads of entertainment one afternoon. :)

This Castle Logix game she got for Solstice has been a huge hit! She is an amazing problem solver!

Face painting with Skye!!!

KT clearly wins the amazing mother award, as usual. :)

I got a beautiful rainbow from Kathrynn!

A game of Cats ensured.... I think K was coming out of an egg for this scene. hehehe

We've created a fort of sorts out of comforters and the couch. lol

Sugar Cookies, Butter cookies.... whatever you call them..... I call them IN MY TUMMY!

Elah, Kira and Kathrynn in game land. :)

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