Friday, January 16, 2009

cooking joy :P

Kathrynn called for a "big bowl" one day, and i knew a future stew was about to be started!
Flour, water, and cut up EVERYTHING became the essence of this stew.
These pictures span about a week of the various stages. Last night she "served" it in bowls. Today it still sits on our counter. She's asked that we keep it, until it "starts to smell". Ok, no problem! :)

At some point we started doing some baking. :)
Pumpkin pie! Banana bread! I think today we're making cake, and Kathrynn is going to frost it. Yum! :)


  1. Interesting "stews" K makes! ;) The pie and the cake looks really good. I might have to make pie this weekend. mmmmm

  2. Uh oh...did Blogger eat my comment?

    I was just saying that K makes the most interesting "stews". ;D Also, the pie and bread looks yummy; I might have to bake a pie this weekend.

  3. haeven would totally get along with kathrynn!..

  4. I love the stew pictures! Reminds me of making endless buckets full of "chop suey" in the back yard as a child! Thanks for the inspirations!

  5. Such cute pictures! They bring back memories for me. My daughter, Kyra, used to make those fun concoctions. She's 11 now and is actually staying with friends this week! The time goes by so fast! I saw your blog from the ARGH list. :)