Thursday, January 22, 2009

*Peace, Flow, Light*, by Anne Ohman

This is an excerpt of a talk Anne did at an unschooling conference called *Peace, Flow, Light.*
Anne, list owner of shinewithunschooling (, is a truly amazing woman who Shines into all of the many lives she touches..... Her immense beauty and wisdom have brought me unmeasurable growth in my own life.

I came across this excerpt a few days on her list, and really loved her message. Enjoy!

This is the story of how our lives flow with connections and awareness.

The benefit of doing the work that allows our children to Shine is that all
that questioning and examining puts us where we are supposed to be in the
flow of our own lives.

It's no longer acceptable for us to live in knee-jerk mode, or on
auto-pilot. It no longer makes sense for us to just accept the definitions
of the world that other people own. And we learn to not only examine things
outside of ourselves, but we also can see that sometimes the thing we need
to examine is what comes out of our own mouths or our own actions, our own

We're learning to pay attention to all that is inside of us, all that is
around us, and we become students of our children.aware of all that is
inside of them and all that is around them.

This heightened awareness also grants us the gift of paying attention to the
signs in our lives.the signs telling us whether we are living in the flow of
our lives, or if we're fighting the flow of our lives.

We know when we are living in the flow when the Universe is giving us a
*thumbs up* signal, letting us know that all is well, we are on the right
path, and we are Shining.

When we're in the flow, we feel sweetly connected to ourSelves and to
others. We are in communion with the world. We are not separate or
detached.we become one with the world and all of its elements and all that
it has to offer. We become co-partners, co-creators and co-conspirators of
our own paths, our own lives.

When we are living in the flow, doors open for us, inviting us in, and when
we walk forward through those doors in the light of our children's and our
own Shine, we are gifted with amazing connections through every door and
around every corner.

I love and believe in this quote by Joseph Campbell, because my family's
lives have proven it to be True:

"When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have
thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone

When we're living in the flow, we notice these doors opening, these
connections, these synchronicities.

Just when we need it (and I do need to clarify that this is in the Universe's
time-frame.not our own personal time-frame), exactly what we need or want
(and, more often, it will be just what we didn't know we needed or wanted)
will either fall into our laps, be in our e-mail's inbox, come out of our
neighbor's mouth, be on the left of our path when we were planning on only
looking to our right, or be the very obstacle that we thought was in our

Our mindful awareness allows the universe to work in a way in which our
lives flow from one connection to another, all making up a life that is full
and rich and still based in Joy, and containing more learning and more of
the world than any curriculum could possibly cover.

..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
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((¸¸.·´ ..·´ All is Well. -:¦:-
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