Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Solstice Joy!

We had our best solstice yet this year I think! She was so excited the night before, she said, "I wish I didn't know tomorrow is Solstice, I'm too excited to sleep!!!" She was so cute, and so filled with Joy! :)

Kathrynn was busy retrieving some gifts she'd wrapped for us and has hidden. :)

Where did all those presents come from?!?!?!

Kathrynn was the distributor of the gifts..... She was not quite sure where to start! :P
She made some wonderful gifts for us. Awwwww One of my favorite gifts from her was a hug and a kiss that she wrapped up. :P

This was her favorite gift of the day, which was no surprise as it was one of the items she put on her very short Solstice list. :P

It was really funny watching her open this gift-- it had a piece of paper explaining that her Grandma Carol and Grandpa Phil had gotten ice skating lessons for her for Solstice, but she didn't see the piece of paper so she thought they sent her a hug and a kiss. :)

This was a beautiful gift we got from my brother. :)

These were also presents on her list.... a big sled and a snow ski. She was so excited when Wes brought them in the door!!

Kathrynn started playing w/ the play-doh set when we were done opening presents. :)

Then onto making some absolutely WONDERFUL gluten free sugar cookies. YUM!

Later our friends came over for our annual Solstice get together. ;) Wes made some really yummy food. I wish I had gotten a pix of the spread. Soooo much good food! :)

Kathrynn was SO excited, she was dancing around and singing songs. lol

Skye and Kathrynn opening up their solstice presents.

Kt and I wearing the scarves we made for each other. I need to get a close up shot of the scarf and post it, because it is totally amazing and made my brain explode just thinking about how much work it must have been to knit!

We ended the evening by going to the UU church for their annual Solstice service. It was so wonderful, and a great way to welcome the return of the Sun!!!

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  1. I'd love to see a close up of the scarf! I was thinking that after this pr of socks, I'm going to do a few scarves for a change of pace.

    K is so cute! Oh, if only we could all get packaged up loves and hugs. :)