Thursday, December 25, 2008

Birthday Joy!

Despite Kathrynn not feeling so well last night or this morning, she had a GREAT day!!!!!

The morning started QUITE early. Everyone was still asleep, so we watched some "Peep" in bed for a bit...... :P

Nothing like some yummy cookies to get Wes moving!

We had a fun morning opening up stockings from Santa- who gave her the Bears jersey she's been asking for!!! Yeah!!!

We moved on to fun, fun, and more fun! Lots of playing and crafting, a fantabulous hour bath with Grandma Jane, and then in the afternoon some great fun outside with a new pool Grandma Jane had bought!

After some serious pool fun she had cake and cupcakes (she requested both :D ) and opened presents. More playing ensued, followed by some yummy carry-out Chinese that she had requested for dinner. :)

Exhausted, and perhaps spent from a very long day, she fell into bed, leaving her mother as happy and joyful as can be. Absolutely wonderful!!!! :)


  1. Happy birthday to Kathrynn the Christmas girl! I hope you feel better.

  2. Happy birthday to Kathrynn the Christmas Girl!