Monday, December 29, 2008

More Florida Fun :)

Lots of yummy outside time continues.....

Playing in the pool a bit....

Being fascinated with how it feels to walk around in her boots filled up with water. :)

eating three kinds of ice cream!!!

making shell magnets with Grandma Jane :P

Then onto some fabulous Hopscotch!!!!!

Grandma Jane has some beautiful flowers in her yard!!!

A sad moment - Wes and Kathrynn all set to watch the Bears, but Kathrynn's ear was bothering her :(

Nothing like ending the day by eating some frozen fruit with our Indiana gloves on! :P

Tomorrow's plan: More Florida Fun!


  1. I hope K's ear is feeling better now!

  2. it was better soon after leaving the restaurant....

    is it possible that cigarette smoke could cause such a reaction?
    either that or a combination of things.... cig smoke from outside coming in, pressure, windy/draft restaurant.....

    thanks for your well wishes :P

  3. happy new year mama :)

    your bloggin and its awesome ...

    hope K is feeling better :)