Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bathtime joy!

One of the things i love the most about my life is peeling away the layers of old "stuff"- getting rid of those old judgments/ideas/"have-tos" allows me to wholeheartedly connect with my child- which of course brings me so much Joy!
This "peeling away" is not easy, and it is not always immediately apparent of how those layers need to come off! But the end result is often pure bliss, and always growth. :)

Kathrynn recently has learned that her littlest pet shops (lps) can go in the bath tub!!!! So the other day I asked her if she'd like to take a bath with her lps'! She was so excited about this idea, but then was torn because she wanted to finish watching the show she was watching.....
She thought about it, and started to talk about how she wished we could bring the bath tub into the living room.... She continued her problem solving process.... which i absolutely LOVE. Then she pointed at one of those large plastic tubs for storage, that just happened to be in the living room..... I kinda hem/hawed and said, well.... it could have a hole in it, which would get water on the floor.... In my head, I thought about steering her away from this idea..... But then i stopped myself. WHY should i be trying to disuade her from this wonderful idea she came up with!?! Then i realized that i had a farily new tub in the back office- I checked it for holes first, and then started filling up our large soup pot with water!!!!

She shortly realized that this container was not big enough!!! So I emptied out the original container she had spotted, cleaned it out, and double checked it for holes...... Then poured the water from the 1st tub into the 2nd tub, and presto!!!!


She had such a good time..... And then eventually we poured that water into the bathtub in the bathroom, where she continued with her joyful process. She was in the tubs so long that we had to take a few snack breaks. Yes, eating in the tub is just fine, too! :D For those of you scared by the color of the bath water, she likes to experiment with food colorings. :P

I am so glad that i peeled back those layers of where you are "supposed" to take baths, and all that is a part of those thoughts and judgements. I'm glad i embraced her joyful ideas and facilitated joy for her! I think this process was just as joyful for her as it was for me, and it helped me to see how many of those judgmental layers i still have to remove..... And that I CAN do it! :)


  1. I love the snacks in the bath! My son's baths often go on for hours too, but he hasn't yet requested a snack. When he does, I too will say yes. Great post!

  2. I am new at peeling away the old stuff. What a beautiful blog entry! Thank you for this!!

  3. You are the best mom! Me, I'm working on not being so regimented and yelling less. *sigh*