Friday, July 10, 2009

West Baden Joy :)

My lovely friend Rhonda invited me along on an over night to visit West Baden Springs Hotel:

What an amazingly beautiful place!
We spa'd it up, had great food and drink, and enjoyed each others company. :)

Our beautiful room! :)
View from our room. :)
We started with a lovely mud bath and sauna, and then got into the chair for a mahhhhvelous pedicure.
End result!!!!

After our crazy relaxing spa experience, it was time for some food! :)
Four courses of food, and three courses of wine..... Super yummy!

We slowly made our way out of the restaurant, lounging on the beautiful furniture along the way.....

Time for a stroll around the grounds, where we spotted some sweet deer grazing. :)

Ronda decided it was time for a photo shoot around the grounds.....

The lights at the top of the dome change color at night.... super cool!
We made it back in door, and after a martini, decided it was time to hit the pools!

On the way back to our room after a dip in the indoor, outdoor, and jacuzzi. :)

On the morning of our departure, we went for another walk around the grounds. So lovely and beautiful. :)
We could hear this funny sound out there somewhere, and we followed it down to the ends of the gardens, where we found this man playing this "thing." lol- what are such things called? We were both about out of batteries on our cameras, but got a couple pix and a short video. He gave us both a turn, turning his crank. ;) It was harder then it looked, or maybe it was our stance. lol.
Funny stuff. :)

Thanks West Baden, Rhonda, Scott, Wes and all those who made this great over night get away possible! :P

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