Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Visiting Luke Rhode's Family Farm

Luke Rhode's farm is about 45 minutes southwest of Bloomington. We get our eggs, beef and pork from Luke as often as we can. Kathrynn has a dairy allergy, otherwise we'd probably be getting his awesome raw organic milk as well!
Kathrynn loves visiting this farm so much! We went last year and we were the only visitors due to the weather! We had a personal tour of Luke's property. :)
This year the weather was perfect and it was crowded with Luke's patrons. :)

Luke has two areas for has 2,000 chickens. One area is for the youngest chickens, and the other area is for the older chickens. Both sites were filled with eggs! Kathrynn had a great time gathering the eggs. :P
You can see the school buses in the shots- that is where the majority of eggs were laid, and where one of the clips was recorded.

I loved how the cows and chickens lived together. :)

Here is the guard dog for the chickens, who was all for hanging out under the bus while we checked out Luke's farm. :)

Next it was time to see how Luke's cows are milked. First the cows are gathered down to the milking building, and then they are brought into the milking room. Their utters are cleaned and then the milking machines (whatever they are called!) are attached to the utters.

The hoses go to a large tank in the next room where the milk stored in a cooler until ready to be sold.

Our future bacon.......

Thanks to Luke and his family for sharing their farm with us for a day! :)

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience at Luke's farm! Our coop up here in Indy gets several fresh products from Luke. He is great. I have always been so curious what the farm looks like and wanted to see it in action. Thanks again for sharing!