Saturday, May 16, 2009

A little girl, her fairy house, and pet worm.....

One afternoon we found ourselves at a park and Kathrynn started to dig in some mud, which led her to build a lovely fairy house. :)

In time, with the digging, she uncovered a worm. She attempted to feed the worm to a nearby robin, which made me giggle. :) this picture she is saying "ohhhh rooooobin, here is a worm for you to eat......"

Then she played with the worm, gently, letting it crawl over various parts of her body.

.She wanted me to take pictures of just how long this worm was!
In the end, she placed the worm inside her fairy house, where it lived happily ever after. :)


  1. Oh what fun! That fairy house looks cool! Did you name the worm? I remember we had quite a few worm pets when Soph was little. We even had two that she wanted to bring from Alaska when we moved. Luckily, the worms stayed Alaskan and Soph settled for gummi worm pets instead. :) Lovely pictures and I am glad the robin didn't eat the worm!

  2. She did name the worm- fatty. lmao