Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Various Joy happenings around here..... :)

We've been pretty submerged in the marvels of spring and life here.....

We went to a waterpark last week and Kathrynn had fun exploring there, using her fish skills. :P
Our friend Skye was not feeling so well, but was a good sport. :)

Kathrynn at her friend Leslie's house... who has an amazing garden with many many flowers. :)

Kathrynn made a flower crown for her may pole dance #3, which i think was the most fun as she'd become an expert by then! She actually had 4 adults talk to her afterwards tell her how great she was at the dance, and how they followed Kathrynn's lead when they were feeling unsure on their next move. Kathrynn was beaming. :)

We met this lovely part Siamese, part DSH kitty at the animal shelter last week. Her name was Nora. :) I hope she got adopted!
Kathrynn has become a bit intrigued by the new freckles she is getting, so one morning she decided to circle or mark all of them with a marker. :)

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  1. Oh that is so cool that she marked all of her freckles! Sophie and I once counted all of her moles LOL It was hilarious. I wish we would've thought of marking them. Great idea Kathrynn! :)