Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Scotish festival, Skye's bday party, wonderlab, and some sewing and:)

Wow! We've been busy!!!!!

The Scottish Festival in Columbus was lots of fun..... Kathrynn went as a pirate. :)

She had so much fun dancing the Scotish dances.

We love the bagpipes!
The highland games were so much fun to watch!

The woman in the above clip was AMAZING!
Oh how Kathrynn loved this hat/wig, lol!

Skye's 5th bday party!!!

Pinata..... Cake!!!!!

Presents and swimming!

Wonderlab!!!!! Oh, how we love Wonderlab :)

Sewing Joy! Kathrynn has been practicing with her sewing skills, doing mazes, dot to dots, creations of her own.... even sewing on random pieces of paper she finds, including the below receipt, lol!

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