Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude Wednesday!

Oh it's Wednesday, and so why not go for the gusto of gratitude!

Today I'm grateful for.....

1. My soul sister Kt.... always so grateful to have that connection, and today it was especially wonderful.

2. Sun! We are down in Florida and I am enjoying a nice break from the Indiana overcast and chilly days.....

3. Authenticity of my child..... I am grateful that she is free to share the full gamut of emotions.....
I have grown to appreciate meltdowns and outbursts because they are some of the most authentic expressions of emotions.... I so appreciate being able to be Present with her when she is expressing herself this way.... Likewise, I also love her excitement and joy that spills outward.......and i also so love to be with her when she is full of Joy and wonderment... so contagious!

4. My husband just brought me over some shrimp and shrimp cocktail that ROCKS MY SOCKS, and a cranberry margarita ..... So grateful that my husband has an excellent taste for food and drink, and is able to creatively put both together well!

5. Grateful for the desire to keep on keepin' on.... :)


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