Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday!

Holy smokes! What has happened with the missing gratitude Wednesday posts!?!? Has the gratitude come to a screeching halt?

lol, naturally that is not the case. :)

There is more gratitude then ever flowing these days... days that have been filled with mirrors, of people and situations revealing who i am and who i am not, loads of opportunities showing me where i am not healed.... So grateful for all the triggers, that show themselves as emotional reactions, that point the way to where i need to go inward, so that I can peel back the layers, so that i can then Heal and be One.....

So, on this gratitude Wednesday, let me start my list with some immense gratitude for a yahoo group...

1- Known to me as my miracles group, for unschooling peoples creating miracles, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.... via internal work that goes deep and to the core. This group has brought me a variety of different ideologies via written word, audio, visual, and direct energy that have led to immense inner growth and miracles. (gotta also throw out a xoxox to my soul sister KT.... no explanation needed *hug*)

2- Self.... I am grateful for who I am, that tenacious part of me that will not settle for less then authenticity when it comes to Self. Even though this path is not Easy, and even though it does not always appear that i am at Peace, it is a path of Joy. :)

3- Family.... who else is better then showing me my mirror then family. I spent a week with my parents and other relatives this past week. What an amazing opportunity it was to heal. :) I was able to go inward and heal, so that I was able to enjoy the outward. It was lovely. :)

4- EFT.... been doing more of this lately and have been blessed with some amazing people who have opened up the EFT more widely for me. Especially grateful to my friend Kathy, who did an amazing EFT session with me this week that brought about much healing, and led to more and more healing in the days that came after....

5- Home.... It has been especially cold these days. Coming into my warm home always leaves me with a sense of gratitude for what I have on an external level. I am grateful for my sweet little home, which warms and provides a safe place for me and my family. And of course, I am grateful for Wes, who works hard so that we have our home. :)

Loving what Is!


  1. I am grateful to have you as my friend! Beautiful post, Lisa. Happy 2010!

  2. Thanks Clint!
    Loni, and I am grateful for you! What an amazing on line support network we have. So wonderful! <3