Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another awesome wonderlab day..... :)

We were there the day before, and Kathrynn had such a good time, I thought of making it a blog post. But i've posted about Wonderlab so many times before!!!
But after the great day we had their last week, i really just couldn't help myself!

We went to an AWESOME presentation by Silly Safaris out of Indianapolis. They guy was really very good..... I laughed throughout the entire program!!!!!

You can see the various animals he had that day..... An owl, bullfrog, boa constrictor, cockroaches, a rabbit.... and his sweet dog, named Bear. :)
Kathrynn thought this guy was absolutely fantastic and also laughed throughout the whole show. :P

All the kids lined up to see the animals at the end....

Some random shots of her having fun. :)

This place just seems to get better with as she ages. :)

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