Thursday, April 15, 2010

Appreciation Thursday!

Officially making the jump from gratitude to appreciation....... I've loved the word appreciation ever since reading Michael Brown's discussion of that word, and yet the word gratitude felt good too while blogging. Now i'm moving on over to blogging about appreciation! :P

1- I'm appreciating finding the areas in my life where I have judgment. I've realized how much judgment gets in my way of experiencing true connection with others, and more importantly, myself! If i am weighed down by judgments, then my body literally feels out of flow. When I am able to process through my judgments, I am left experiencing true Joy of the Now.

2- I'm appreciating my connection with my mother these days. I have been doing some deep integration work, and feel as though there is a clarity of connection that exists now that I've never felt before.

3- I am appreciating the greens from my lawn and garden. 'Nuff said on that! :)

4- I am appreciating the sweet friendships my child has. It is lovely to see her immersed in her joy with her friends. These days much of that Joy is sparked from The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. Kathrynn loves to play "clan cats." :)

5- I am appreciating the ability to say yes to myself, which might look like a no to others. :)

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