Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Joy!

Some people poo-poo Father's Day. In fact, I think maybe I've even been one of those people..... Back in the years when i was still nursing and physically almost always attached to Kathrynn, I was a bit of a cynic. Yes, me! ;)

But the truth is, my Wesley has always been a great father, and has always deserved special kudos on Father's Day. Even back in those days (read: years) when Kathrynn was not all that interested in being with him, and maybe even especially back then, Wes was still a great father- working hard to provide money for rent, food for us to eat, and most importantly time and space for me to be with Kathrynn.

These days, Kathrynn is attached to both of us. She loves her Father with intensity and joy alike. She looks forward to being with him and talks about him throughout our days when he is not physically with us.

My appreciation for Wes has grown over the years, as his connection to himSelf and his daughter has expanded throughout the years to places of amazing Authenticity which has brought about wonderful growth for all our family.
I continue to appreciate, immensely, how I am able to be a stay at home Mom (only working a very part time job) because of Wes' devotion to his family.
So, Happy Father's Day, my sweet Wesley. :)

Our sweet family, out to eat for Father's Day brunch at our favorite place to eat, Farm. http://www.farm-bloomington.com/farminfo.html

Kathrynn found this cute little bug outside the restaurant.
Kathrynn drew Wes a slew of pictures... Most of them were around something they both have oodles of love for... Star Wars!
Then onto playing w/ Wes' Father's Day gift.... a karaoke machine!!!!!!!
Fun times!!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!


  1. Happy (belated) Father's Day to Wes...what a great, great guy!

  2. I figured it out! Nice group there. Love it.