Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holy Toledo!!!!

We went to Toledo Ohio a few days ago to see my parents and my 94 yo grandmother.

We had a great time! We played lots of cards, went swimming a few times, went to the butterfly house, and were all entertained by many of Kathrynn's spontaneous creations! :)

We were already playing crazy eights the first night. :)

We went to the butterfly house the next day.

Mimi was a very popular person in the butterfly house. She had over 6 butterflies on her at one point, and many of the visitors there took her picture. :)

Kathrynn was so excited when she got a butterfly to land on her. :)

That afternoon we went to a wonderful lake that has a great beach. It was a bit cold, but Kathrynn got in a few times. :)

This was one of Kathrynn's first creative creations..... A scavenger hunt. :)
She hit notes throughout the house leading to the eventual treasure.

During one of the last stops everyone had to give Kathrynn a hug to pass the "gate."

The treasure was a rabbit family and food made out of paper. :)

More crazy eights!

Mimi, Mom and I went to a tea house for lunch one day. Fun!

Wes, keeping it real for everyone! :)

Swimming with Grandpa Phil!

Another performance, this time she performed some UU choir songs. :)

Kathrynn put on a imprompto performance involving a character she made up using a mask and a "hat." (arm chair cover)
:) Dadda was the translator, as her character could not speak.

Another set of performances, before we headed home. She sang three songs from the Mama Mia sound track. :)

Just one more round of cards!!!! :)

It was a great weekend! :)

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  1. That looks like a lovely time Lisa! I love the butterfly house pics especially! Very cool!

    Btw I gave your blog an award! Check it out at my blog :)