Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Renaissance Faire Joy!!!!

We love going to Renaissance Faires, and have a three year tradition going! This was a lovely one outside of Louisville- not too large, and not too small. It was perfect weather, with lots of shade, and great kid friendly entertainment.

The bag pipes were going as we walked in- what a great way to start our day! I love bag pipes. :)
This was a great Magic show- so much that we saw him perform twice that day- once when we first got there and once before we left. It mystified Kathrynn, and sparked her to give me a magic show that night. :P

Kathrynn's outfit was picked out days before the event. I'm not quite sure of the thought process.... in years prior we've dressed up in period, but it was a bit too hot for us to do that, so I think this was an interesting way for Kathrynn to dress up, but not be too hot in her usual princess warrior outfit. :P

The rides section was a lot of fun. This bucket ride would have made me hurl, but she loved it and went on it two times. :)

Throwing knives is actually a lot harder then it looks!

My man having some cider and a turkey leg! :)

The horse show was exciting!

I loved this couple- their outfits were so beautiful. :)

While waiting for the pirate performance to begin, we listened to a musician sing lovely Scottish songs..... Kathrynn had some fun with the camera. :)

A performance by a pirate! The performance was called "Under the Sea" and required audience participation. Great fun!

Wes got Kathrynn a bow and arrow..... she's been practicing every night since we got home.

I think this was our favorite Ren Faire so far!!!! :)

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  1. I bought my boys a toy bow-arrow set a long time ago, but they never really got into it. Maybe we need to bring them to a Renaissance Faire to get them to appreciate it? ;)