Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trapeze Joy!!!!

Kathrynn absolutely ADORES trapeze- around here that is referred to as High Fliers, as in that is the organization who has a school in Bloomington offering classes and camps.
She took her first camp last year after watching a performance and was blown out of her mind with awe. She expressed interest in attending the camp, which she did.
When this spring came, I found out that the organization would not be offering a camp this spring due to misc issues they were having. Instead they have decided to do periodic classes on the site of the owner's house. So that is what we went to today!
It was a 2 hour clinic. Kathrynn hadn't been on the trapeze since last year, and immediately was able to do some key moves. She had some difficulty with the back flip at the beginning, as you can see from the first video.
By the end of the first hour she was doing all the moves, and found herself ready for the big move..... the hand off! Last year she was not confident enough to try this very tricky moves which requires that the individual's timing to be spot on! But this year she was eager to try it, and got it on the first try! She was so excited and full of pride and joy. :)
We can't wait until the next clinic!!!! :)


  1. Wowee she is awesome!!! Love it. Can't wait to show it to Joshua.

  2. This is completely amazing! I'm just blown away. My stomach flipped watching her do the hand off. She is fabulous!

  3. K is totally fearless...I envy her spirit!

  4. Oddly enough, she is not fearless..... she is cautious until she feels comfortable, and then goes for the gusto!!! :)