Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gratitude Thursday!

I've been peeling back the layers of webs that had gotten into my mind and covered my eyes from Seeing. This Seeing has brought me closer to the authentic Joy that my child spends her life in. What a blessing for me to be a part of such authenticity!

We've been spending so much time together lately.... she has chosen to watch less tv this week and has opted out of having play dates. The snow fall also led to her class on Wednesday being canceled. All these things meant that we got to spend a ton of time, one on one, with each other. What a wonderful week it's been!

I don't think it's a coincidence that she has chosen to spend more time with me, at the same time that i've chosen to do some deeper internal work. I love how the external mirrors the internal, and that just as i recognized that i had not been Seeing my child as authentically as i could, all these opportunities for connection popped up. I am full of appreciation that I have risen to the occasion, and have able to live in present moment awareness with her on a much higher level then I had been.

I am going to post about 5 things i'm particularly grateful for, when it comes to my joyful girl. :)

1. A game we made up called "Stink Foot"- or something like that. :) I don't really recall how this game came into being.... i think it started from me tickling her, so my super power became "tickle hands." Her feet must have been particularly stinky that day, so her super power became "stinky feet." Her stinky feet would battle my tickle hands. :)
Today this game morphed into a game where we both had 2 super powers. My powers were tickle hands and snuggle arms. Her two powers were stinky feet and magic moves. I kept adding kisses to my snuggle arms, which she didn't appreciate because I was supposed to limit my powers to TWO. lol. After a discussion, we decided it would be much more fun to lift the limitations, so the game morphed into full out super power wresting. We spent over 3 hours playing this game, with her still wanting more. My legs are sore from where her tickle feet got me, so I've requested a break for the day. The amount of joy and connection this game brought to us today has been amazing. :)

2. Another game we've been playing lately is called "don't laugh." lol, you can see where this is going. I make requests that she not laugh, and massive giggles ensue. This morphs in and out of taking turns, and also into trying to make each other laugh. Any time my child is laughing, it's a good thing. I often get lost in her laugh... its like a quick time travel to my inner joy. :)

3. Coloring and crafting. Kathrynn loves to color, and a project we've been working on together lately is coloring her "coloring calender." This week we've done some sewing on the sewing machine, working on a present for her friend (a collage of wild cats) , and valentines for her friends. :)

4. Farmville. Her Grandma Jane gave her the bug when we were in FL, and it's been a great source of fun for us! :) We also love board games- games of all kinds really. So we've been doing our usual board games too. :)

5. Gotta do a father/daughter shout out.... Wes plays xbox or wii with Kathrynn many nights while i get some work done in the next room. Last night they played the Winter Olympics Wii game and it was SO awesome to hear them in the next room. They both had so much fun and it was great to be nearby listening to their joy. :)
((Also needing to give appreciation here to Wes for being fully available to Kathrynn most nights so that I can get work done in the evenings, which helps me to be more fully present during the day. :) ))

<3 <3 <3

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