Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Internal joys of shifting :)

I've decided to read The Presence Process (by Michael Brown) again.... (I had decided to re-read TPP after Thanksgiving and then didn't. Oh life ect, how you distracted me from my internal presence....)
While finishing Section One, I realized that I am not as fucked up as I thought (haha!) as I was able to See how I have changed since reading it the first time, and also how my life has changed. AND i realized how i have fallen off my presence path. I still know all the lingo and the
process, but it has not been in my Being like it was..... there has been more separation within me..... and it is showing up in my external reality, more and more in fact.

I've now just finished section 3 of TPP (The presence process, written by Michael Brown).... and wanted to share one of the things he said about kids.....

.....(while we are doing our internal work/ our presence process) children "may begin behaving exactly as we did when we were their age. This is because they will also start acting as mirrors so that we can see outside of ourselves the unresolved childhood issues that we are dealing with internally. This is an invitation to watch but not to react.... As we integrate our childhood memories, we automatically release our children from having to carry our baggage.... What we do not deal with is automatically picked up and carried by our children.... When we enter this journey, our children are already carrying our unintegrated issues with in their emotional bodies. As we cleanse our emotional bodies, our children experience a shift in theirs..... Everyone in close proximity to us also begin to process... We must be compassionate with those closest to us... (and) unconcerned as they go through their emotional thus mental and physical adjustments. Remember that they are mirroring us. If we feel compelled to "do" anything, make sure that whatever it is, we do it to ourselves."

I absolutely love that my child is my mirror.... she has nudged me to do internal work like no other, and has been a mirror for me like no other..... This was wonderful for me to read, and was a gentle reminder to stay in my business and also that my business is present moment awareness. i love that part about watching , but not reacting. SO BIG FOR ME HOLY SHIT!!!!

I have been able to Be with my child in a new way since choosing to dive back into TPP. That passage really highlights how I've been feeling lately and the sentiments of how everything is connected. My internal chaos has been mirrored to me via my child in many ways, showing me where I am in my presence process.

Full of appreciation!

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