Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want more of that feeling.....

I've been listening to a lot of the recorded talks from the World Tapping Summit this week. Fascinating stuff!
This afternoon I listened to Dr. Pat Carrington talk about an interesting EFT approach that she calls choice tapping.
One thing I really appreciate about her talk, and what I want to write about here, is a preliminary task that she spoke about:
Every evening writing down one or two events from your day that brought you a very good feeling, and after you write the event and describe the feeling, you write "I want more of that feeling." It is in line with prosperity or abundance vibration/attraction methods that for me are becoming more a part of my life- taking time throughout my day to notice and be cognizant of the small (and big) sources of abundance in my life. I think that abundance is thought to be something dealing with money or things, but it is so much bigger for me, and when i become aware of how abundant my life is in very small and simple ways, not only do I notice more and more abundance of my life, I feel like more abundance comes my way.

When she was talking about taking time to think about experiences from our day that we want more of, the first thing that came to mind was swimming at the YMCA today. It was great on many levels- I was with Kathrynn and we were both swimming and having fun, really enjoying ourselves. Kathrynn's swimming abilities are AMAZING- I no longer need to be near her when she is swimming and it is amazing to see the new skills she incorporates each time we swim! (At one point today I was swimming under water with my googles on and I could see her in front of me, swimming under water like a dolpin! She looked so cool!!!!)

Getting back to
Dr. Pat Carrington's exercise, the idea is to really go in to the feeling of the experience. So for me, yes i felt joy of swimming together with Kathrynn. But I also felt a Joy of Swimming. People that know me well know that I spent over 10 years as a competitive swimmer, and that swimming is definitely NOT something I really enjoy, nor a way I would ever choose to exercise. But today, while Kathrynn was swimming and doing her thing, I decided to do laps.... And it felt GREAT!!!! When thinking of the task at hand (going into the feeling of a moment in my day) I could go back in time and really feel my shoulders and my hands and fingers... how my arm moved through the water... my flip turns and legs kicking.... and it felt great. My body felt great!!!!! It was a very healing kind of experience for me, because toward the end of my swimming career, swimming brought pain to my body and a level of disappointment to my soul, and very little pleasure on a physical level (I became a swim instructor and swim coach, which I did enjoy, as long as I was not doing it. :P )

So today, instead of doing a gratitude list, I am choosing to write about the feelings I had while swimming--- feelings of joy and accomplishment, of being pleased and happy with my body and my bodies abilities, of having the time and space to take part in that joy..... AND I WANT MORE OF THOSE FEELINGS.....


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