Friday, February 6, 2009

Grandparent Joy!

I'm posting this a little late (whoops) but never late then never, right?!?!!?

K's last and final birthday party (PHEW) was with her grandparents, who visited for the weekend from Toledo.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, spent playing, playing Lego Star Wars (her new fav. box game) and eating. :)

Grandma and Grandpa surprised Kathrynn by showing up a bit early. She could barely believe it when she answered the door!

Reading in bed with Grandma Carol, something both of them love so much during their visits together!
Kathrynn at her ice skating lesson!

Kathrynn and I did the cupcakes the day before. She was so ful of joy and excitement while decorating them!!!!!

Finally it was time for the party!

Always being creative, Kathrynn added some decorations to her birthday hat. :)

She got a lot of great gifts!!

Kathrynn really warms my heart. After she got done opening everyone's presents, she went and made them little thank you gifts. So sweet and wonderful. :)

Hanging out in her room with Grandma and Grandpa

Hanging out around the dining room table....

Wes did most of the cooking, as usual. He's such a great cook!!!!

Kathrynn, showing Grandma and Grandpa her Star Wars characters that she loves so much!

She gave a performance for Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa that she had been planning for days. She loves coming up with ideas for performances. :)
There is a little snippet below:

We had a nice visit with them but the time went by so fast!

Kathrynn had had a week full of anticipation for both her grandparents visit and her roller skating party which took place the day before, so my Shinning girl was FULL of Big Emotions. It was a bit difficult for mama and dada at times, but the grandparents took it all in stride and hung in there like true champs! And as usual, there were wonderful moments full of Shine and Joy. :)


  1. I do believe every day is a party at your home. Better watch it or I'll be moving in with you! ;)

  2. Every day *is* like a party at my house! Sometimes it is a crazy party that makes me want to crawl under my covers, but its all GREAT stuff. :)
    LOL, we're having TWO valentines day parties in our house... one for a few girls and then one on the day of. Oh... we do love reasons to celebrate! :P