Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day Joy!

I have a love-hate relationship with holidays, i admit it! I often *say* i don't like them..... but then i wind up getting caught in the *Joy* of the particular holiday and PHEW!!! I guess what I don't like is the idea of setting aside one day a year to celebrate this or that. It seems artificial for me- inauthentic. Even birthdays- i am constantly celebrating and being grateful for the birth of all those around me- not just on one particular day. You with me so far?!?! :P

So enter Valentines Day..... And while I don't necessarily find myself in line with the hallmark tradition of flowers and chocolates, I *Do* gobble up the opportunity to show my family how much i love them. :) And, i jump at the chance to share in the joys of my child, who is a lover of this holiday. :) The innocence and pure joy of this holiday astounds me sometimes. It is just about Love! Being with friends and family and connecting in with those base emotions. And no, not really unlike any other day of our lives, if truth be told. But still..... any day that focuses on love, can't be anything but joyful, right?!?!?! :)

Weeks ago Kathrynn decided that we should have a Valentine's Day party. Not just one party, but TWO! One party would be for her family, on the actual Valentine's day. The other party would be for her friends- she very specifically picked out the girls to invite (including their moms and siblings), and various details for the party. The count down had begun!!!!

Kathrynn spent all week making the various little cards she'd hand out, decorating the house, and finalizing details. :P

She decorated our globe/earth, as well as all our pets houses. :P

The girls had a wonderful party :)

A couple days later was Feb 14th, and we had our family party. :)

Wes surprised her with a Millenium Falcon, which was quite the hit (see the video game blog from the 13th).

Here she is with her eyes closed, waiting for the gift!!!!

Serious joy ensued after seeing what it was. :D

I love this picture--- She is listening to yet another story about Star Wars from Wes. She just loves hearing about every detail!!

It was another *great* day filled with lots of Joy. :)
And wow, that millennium falcon....... Good stuff!!!! She just *loves* it! (She spent two hours this morning in her room playing with her characters and her new ship. She's just in Bliss!)


  1. I want one of those Millenium Falcons! Waaaay coool!

    What a fun Valentine for you guys! All I did was make a heart-shaped Darwin/Lincoln birthday cookie cake. ;) And if we hadn't had a LEGO club mtg, I wouldn't have even made that much. I'm so not sentimental.

  2. Lisa I love how you embrace it all. Warms my heart to see her with the Star Wars toy!!!! Much peace.

    Like my boys playing Metal Gear on PS3 right now and later they will have fun with their beanie babies...shhhhh don't tell them I told. :)

  3. Josha, your secret is safe with me. :)

    Teresa, you may not be very sentimental, but you ARE full of love. :)

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