Sunday, November 1, 2009

Elixir drinking Chocolates

While we were in Sante Fe last week (!!!!) we visited Kakawa Chocolate House, where we sampled hand-crafted historic European and Mesoamerican Aztec Drinking Chocolate, made in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While there I told the owner that my experience there was so marvelous that I would blog about it, and here I am!

This is a shot of the Chocolate House, and unfortunately I accidentally cut the owner out of the picture, and I have forgotten his name as well! I am hoping I can retrieve that information. :)

Check out the home page for details on the amazing products offered at this amazing place.
The hospitality at Kakawa was amazing- the owner gave unlimited samples of the various elixirs out to us so that we could get a taste for all the different kinds of chocolate drinks he had available.

After tasting about 6 different kinds, we settled on the Chocolate Chai Elixir. It was soooo amazing. We had our drink with a small sampling of chocolates that they make in shop.

I took a couple chocolates and a bag of their top seller- the Mayan full spice elixir.

I brewed up a small cup for Wes and I this morning..... mmmmmm nothing else like these elixirs. So amazing and full of intense flavor.

I'm so glad Missy had been to Kakawa Chocolates before- what an amazing experience!
Check it out!

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  1. Great post! I'm a huge fan of drinking chocolate; there's something so comforting about the texture and the experience that keeps me craving more.