Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratitude Wednesday, week 5!

Gratitude Wednesday!
For those people who know me, it's easy for me to be filled with gratitude and appreciation about my life. It comes pretty easily, actually, in the sense that often it is happening moment by moment through out the my day. And yet, ever since starting Gratitude Wednesday, I have looked forward to posting on Wednesday... to see what would come to mind in regards to what I'd be writing about.
It's really always a surprise, right up until I start my post.

When I realized a bit ago that Wednesday was coming to a close, I decided that I better get to blogging, before the day was over! At first I was not overwhelmed with thoughts of gratitude.... but in the time its taken me to write the above few sentences, my mood has shifted, my perception has changed, and the gratitude is flowing freely. Another reason why I really do love Gratitude Wednesdays, and will keep on this tradition, even when Thanksgiving is over. :)

1- I am grateful for the kindness and giving spirit of others. I went to a facebook friend's house today to pick up some post cards he was giving away, and i left which a box full of awesome post cards, PLUS a few great shirts, some cool paper, and a box full of awesome martini glasses!!!
Wes and I have wanted to get some martini glasses, and just hadn't gotten around to it. :P

2- I am grateful for the invention of the telephone. :) I have met many wonderful and amazing people via the yahoo groups that I'm on, and this morning I got to talk to my wonderful friend Josha. Yeah for the phone, which allows me to talk to many friends! :)

3- Which leads me to my next moment of gratitude- I am gratitude for my friend Josha. My life is so much richer and full of authenticity because of her. <3

4- I am grateful for the shinning passion of my child. :D

5- I am grateful for my ability to make choices, particularly my choice to be patient, which i've utilized a lot today. :P


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